by on May 28, 2019

i believe I’ve always been a feminist but not in a sense where I think “we don’t need men”..Im a feminist is because I believe that women are beaten down in the world by some but not all men. Where some of us live in fear and some even worry about going out In broad daylight. I look at most women as my sisters and I say most because some women rather tear you down instead of lifting you up in a place that already tries to label and define you just for the simple reason you have boobs. We live in a society that wants to see our tits but not support the modeling community, not support women who know they are worth the money of the pictures they send. My sisters are all I will have at the end of the day, my sisters will birth sons and daughters, my sisters will be the ones to fight for women’s rights, and my sisters will prove they are way better than the status quo. With that being said the 420 nurses are SISTERS. We will argue but don’t turn your backs. We don’t need to destroy each other to climb to the top or take someone’s place. We don’t need to hate in each other because we have haters out there already. We don’t need to battle each other while we are already in a war for our name. I’ve had blood who have hurt me and have had nurses like summer and chacha care for me so much when I was going through a hard time and I went in a trip with them they paid for my food. I’ve had nurses like mysterymoon child comfort me while a friend called me out my name. I’ve had nurses like riah who took me home when needed. These girls are like my sisters. This is a sisterhood that Supports each other.

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