by on March 7, 2019

I've been having so much fun doing pin up shoots this past year. My first pin up shoot I was made up by Autumn Rose as a half breed Demon/Angel and I had the most incredible time posing and playing off the other models. We were even published in Sanctuary Magazine!

My next venture into Pin up with Autumn was for her Wonderland Cruise In and Pin Up contest for her birthday. I was able to dress up the Mad Hatter into a pin up style. My execution of teh makeup, hair, style, and character landed me the win and I now have a truly steampunk heart trophy. It was an incredible day and I was truly shocked to hear that I won. I just wanted to be there for a friend.

So when Autumn said she was doing free pin up makeovers to build her portfolio I immediately jumped on a chance to work with her again. She came up with an adorable pin up herbalist idea that was so much fun to act out. It worked out perfect for my business, Kamibis Meds, as a way to promote both myself and my hard work and development. 

Now I embark on a photomeet journey with Autumn organizing pinup meets out where I live in the Antelope Valley. Most photomeets are local to LA, Riverside, Santa Clarita at the closet so its nice to have a closer place to shoot. And the AV is filled with gorgeous outdoor spots to shoot so it's a perfect time to get everyone out into the desert wilderness. 

Hope to see some of you there!

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