Baby Lungs
by on February 6, 2019

High my little Rose Buds,


This past Sunday I attended along with Jesse (@Krazykitty22) Chacha's Birthday / Superbowl Sesh! It was super cool. There was a ton of food including ceviche, chips, drinks, nachos, pizza, etc. There were so many people who attended. While the game was on there were vendors everywhere selling product and it was dope! I was able to try Ghostfacedealluhz and it was so tasty. I also had my own personal stash to smoke including some presidential prerolls and medicated drinks by Summer. Oooohhh, super random thing; I got bodypaint on my leg by @eyecrown and it was dope and colorful. I got the Aftershock and it was super sweet! I don't watch football so I mostly stayed inside the boutique and helped my team of 420Nurses out with checking in people, showing people some super cute fits, and handing out VIP goodie bags. I hung out with so many cool people and tasted so many good foods. My drink was by far the best thing ever tho not gonna lie. LOL. Okay well I think this pretty much recaps one of the funnest SuperBowl Sundays I've ever had!



Harley Rose

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