2018 was full of adventures, dabs, and so many memories...good and bad~ I went to Snowta, had an amazing birthday, modeled for a very prestigious beauty salon event, met my bestest baby girl Toast, became homeless, got rescued my someone i met on a video game, experienced heartbreak, fell back in love, and traveled thousands of miles accross the US...  But we all learn and evolve from these experiences. I'm hoping 2019 will be just as exciting. My resolution is to make more art, profit off my talents, and come back to California. I'm going to push myself to work harder than ever to accomplish this. 

2019 is the year of the Boar. In chinese mythology, the pig is a symbol of weath and fortune~ So i'm hoping to embrace this engergy the rest of the year, and work hard to build a foundation. I'm going to start making art for lots of things like clothes, bags stickers, ect~ so if anyone has any ideas of what they'd like to see, leave a comment and i'll see if i can bring your image to life~ <3 

I hope everyone has an amazing year, and that we all grow to be better than we were yesterday. <3 

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