Kaylee Grace
by on January 9, 2019
Last year I had attended the 5th annual slumber party with the girls and my bestie; Ivy ThunderMuffin.
It was nerve racking for me in the beginning, to be honest with you. I am the shy type so it does take a little bit for me to just warm up to you or my surroundings. But once that did happen, it was a lot of fun. We all hung out, smoking and just getting to know one another. Which is always nice. :) We played this balloon party game to break the ice for all of us.
You had to pop the balloon, that is tied around your waist, and try to pop it with anything but your hands and feet or just anything that makes it easy for you to pop a balloon...
I think I'll leave that up for your imagination to create for yourself. :P
I really enjoyed the time spent together with all the girls to get better acquainted, and just all the fun we had as well for the slumber party. Why I would really love for more events like the slumber party to happen and just coming to anything and everything that will bring me together with the 420 Nurses. <3
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Acinonyx rex
I hope to attend one slumber party!! They sound fun !!
Like January 20, 2019