Jessica Menke
by on January 9, 2019
So, I moved out of my house when I was 17, and was working at some mom and pop dog spa/boarding place. I'm not going to name the shop because it was a horrific place to work at. I mean, the owner didn't even like dogs. It was overwhelming, and the employees weren't treated right. Though, the worst part is that some of my co workers were abusive to the dogs. I finally couldn't take it anymore, so I quit. I had myself, and my dog to take care of, and jobless. Then came my idea of a personal pet sitter, and Cinco Sitters was created. It was not an easy process to build a business up from the ground having no IDEA what the hell your doing, and it was scary putting the little money I had into something I wasn't sure would succeed. Though, it did. I'm still learning how to do certain things and I'm coming up with new advertising ideas all the time. Basically having your own business is a never ending process of building it. Its stressful at times, but I'm my own boss. I make my own schedule, and that helped me with my modeling career, and becoming apart of the 420 Nurses team. I'll eventually go to school to study neuroscience, but until then I'm living the life I choose to live. Also, never give up. If you have an idea, work for it and own it. Sometimes it gets hard, but just remind yourself to just do it. It helps with the stress, and you can live your life without constant worry of having to get things done.
Jess (:
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