Dijaun / Dj
by on January 9, 2019
Hi! My full name is Dijaun Seals, I started off visiting the nurses in 2018 as a fan and observing all their pipes / glass then immediately got hooked on and became more curious lol. Before I even knew about the business I Already followed a couple nurses on Instagram because of the fact that I love weed/C-B-D/products and it help me with a lot in my life! Heading into 2019 I became a #420nursesphotographer 🙂 I love taking pictures n videos of nature / weed etc so this year I want to continue with that and take the best pictures with the #420nurses of course!! This year my goal is to grow and help grow / promote business in any way I can plus take hundreds of pictures while enjoying company fun!! Also the 420 nurse models n other photographers, interns etc are funny, accepting, and down to earth.
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