Kaylee Grace
by on January 6, 2019
I really want this year to be different, filled with having lots of fun, and going on adventures with the 420Nurses. I want to be more involved and get to know a lot of the girls in the community, having more friends and that company to spend time with others, to have fun smoking or anything that we all just put our minds to is really something I want to do more of. The collaboration we all come together on, and making those thoughts and ideas into reality.
I feel being a New 420 Nurse Intern, I want this year to be a busy year with 420 Nurses. I want more events to happen, more people gathered together and wanting the same thing; spreading the love for Cannabis. <3 More awareness for C-B-D and the understanding that it really is a medicinal benefit to have for yourself if you have anything that ails you. But above all, I want this year to be filled with a lot of fun filled memories that I will always look back on and cherish every moment of my life; endless happy memories. <3
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