by on December 4, 2018
So I've decided to make my first blog about introducing myself, couldn't think of anything better to start with lol But I am certain about being serious with my 420 Nurse journey! I've looked up to the 420 Nurses for so long but never thought I had it in me to actually be one someday. That actually has changed recently. After speaking with Summer and Katt about getting started I feel a lot more at ease with taking the first steps. They were so nice and informative, any of my nervousness was squashed by their kindness and ability to relate to anything I said❤
With that being said, my name is Alysa and I'm from south Orange County. I've been medicating with cannabis since I was 16 years old (late bloomer) and have been in love ever since.
In 2014 I started to learn how to grow hydroponics and create beautiful cannabis extractions. From then on it was all downhill, Mary Jane is the obsession and always will be🙌 From learning the history, to the science, to the industry, it never gets boring and never becomes too much. This plant is a miracle and it's about damn time every single crevice in the world understands that and I won't ever stop spreading that message. I'm a psychedelicmess meaning I won't ever stop spreading the truth, love, and light💖
So excited for this 420 Nurse journey, peace and love✌💕
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