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I absolutely love being here in La apart of the 420 Nurses, I came from Modesto where life wasn't this well consistent. Ive been on my own since 18 and my parents have been homeless for years.. needless to say I felt pretty alone, I used marajuana around this time to help keep those negative thoughts like, constantly wondering if my parents were okay ... away, I tried so hard to stay focused on me and my future... I put myself though beauty school at 18 as soon as I graduated from highschool, I had 2 full time jobs my senior year and while going to Paul Mitchell beauty school Tue - Sun 9am-4:30pm.. I was always on the go. I was kicked out of my aunts for coming home late every night.. I worked until 12 most nights.. I had two jobs full time that I couldn't even work enough at because I had school. I eventually had to choose between my two jobs because school was getting really tough, and I moved to another city where I could pay with my ebt card and weed for my rent so my money went to my school and my necessities. My roommates father owned the house and came back. He decided he wanted his 21 year old daughter to figure out how to live on her own and that meant I had to go to.. so here I am 19 now, homeless again, one part time job (thats mad because school took most my time) and full time beauty school..
I move in with my stoner uncle only a few years older then me..he steals from me and then kicks me out.. I really lost myself at this point, I stopped going to school and work and I just focused on where to sleep the next day. I was always applying to places and working for friends families; I offered to clean people houses to stay a night; it was not at all how I imagined living life at 19.. I fell down a deep dark rabbit hole and I had no intent in coming out, I didn't want to exist anymore..depression..anxiety..it was at an all time high.. if it wasnt for the 420 nurses and friends I met through becoming apart of this company; Im not sure I would have gotten the motivation to live again.
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Uaine Rose
This is beautiful.thank you for sharing. I am sorry for your srrugvles i have been through something similar. Its good to know im not alone. Your not alone. So happy life is better for both of us. I am so thankful for the 420 nurses they have allowed me to have a different life then i thought i coul... View More
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Uaine Rose
Where i come from would love to shop and buy at the 420 nurses boutique. I hope to get more from the nurses. I hope to talk to you soon. Thabks for sharing
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Wow you are beautiful & embody strength, so happy that 420 nurses is changing lives!!! You are amazing!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤
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Angelheart clothing
keep strong your hard work will pay off. hugs
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