by on October 16, 2018
How's everyones week so far!? Mine has been cold n snowy as heck so I've been inside staying cozy n warm. I've definitely been feeling more creative indoors and have been trying to paint again!
I really can't wait to be finished with a few rolling trays! I hope I can share those as they're done. I'd love to get feedback too!
I love making art (in all aspects), it's all I want to do with my life. I currently have an Etsy shop where I share my natural and handmade crystal jewelry and functional stoner/psychedelic art. I focus primarily on wire wrapping and hemp wrapping with the jewelry but plan to one day get into jewelry soldering and electroforming. I love to paint and I love to paint on every surface I can find so I've created functional art from that! I also plan to post some more hand-painted rolling trays, stash jars, and wire wrapped roach clips.
I make art for that flow of energy, for taking that time for self love and healing, for grounding myself, and to hopefully be able to share these positive actions with others.
In completely other news it's also my birthday week starting today. I'm excited to turn 21! Even though I don't drink, I'll definitely be getting extremely baked with the people closest to me with nothing but love and good vibes and hopefully some painting! That's all I could ask for. Oh and maybe a 1000mg Koala Bar!
Nothing but love for you all! I'm happy to show another aspect of my life here! Thank you!! XOXO
-Caroline, thegirl710
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Summer Rain
thank you for sharing , i cant wait to see your creations
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