by on October 9, 2018
What's up everyone! I'm 420 Nurses Intern proudmom_msfighter. So I just received my intern kit and let me tell you how excited I am to be working with so many amazing women. Not only are these women making a big impact on the cannabis community but they are paving the way for women like me to show there is more to us then just Hot girls smoking weed.
I'm a mom with Multiple Sclerosis who uses cannabis for my chronic illness. Since my diagnosis, I've been proscribed so many pills to help with my symptoms. Most of witch make my symptoms worse. In the end cannabis has worked for me, with my MS and depression that comes and gose form the lost of my children.
I've meet so many people who have this illness and use cannabis but choose to keep it to themselves in fear of what some may think. Mom's too...
By joining the 420 Nurses, it will help me brake the stereotype of cannabis. I'm a mom with Multiple Sclerosis, I use MJ for my chronic illness because I choose a natural medicine over chemicals.
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Angelheart clothing
look at they give to childrens cannabis reseaech, medicine can change the world . congratulations ! on your new family and great business adventure.
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Angelheart clothing, thank's I'll check it out.
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