by on September 24, 2018
The 420nurses fashion show is coming up and I couldn't be more excited to see what the girls will have in store for us this year. One thing I love about 420 nurses is that it really helps my creative side fly and I'm sure anyone can agree with me; its one of the only places I feel that I can truly be as wild and out there with my looks as I want and everyone is just so accepting of it. I regretfully will not be attending the 420nurses fashion show this year but I surely will be keeping up on everyones looks on Instagram. I'm not gonna be in town but I'm still super excited because I will be in Arizona on a vacay with some good friends of mine and some family. Ill post all about it and be posting lots of pics so be sure to look out for it. but anywho I'm so happy that I'm back and being active again it was so nice seeing everyone at the meeting and I will forsure be on the lookout for everybodies post of the fashion show. really wish I could go but I forsure wont be missing the next one
UPDATE So I found out that the date of the fashion show is actually gonna be a different day and I am so excited to announce that I forsure will be in attendance. I cant wait to make cute outfits and see what everyone has in store. I have so many ideas racing through my mind as to what I wanna do and what I wanna wear. There are so many cute clothes down at the boutique that I definitely gotta check out. Maybe ill even get one of the Halloween costumes and wear it. Who knows but I can not wait for the 420Nurses Fashion Show
UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! I will not only be attending the fashion show i will also be in it and I will also be doing a live performance of passion and heartache and it will be incredible i hope you guys will all be there to check it out. I will be performing with my good friend DBR you should definitely check him out Piece of Mind EP now on apple and spotify. Ive been working with chorographers and practicing getting ready I cant wait for everyone to see what we have in store. I will be taking a quick break from smoking to focus on my music but dont worry I will be back at seshes in no time.
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