Green MnM
by on December 20, 2017
I never really believed in depression I always thought it's just ppl being weak minded. But as my life goes through roller coasters I've come to realize it's just life some are good some are bad but in the end we're all humans just trying to survive. From road bumps to flying colors I still hold a smile on my face to show Everyone I'm ok and I will be ok. No I'm not trying to get ppl to feel sorry for me sometimes ppl just need to express the way they feel I have no close bffs to do that with so I express it on places where not many ppl will care or see this. I recently cut my self away from cannabis events and social media as I noticed it started making me depressed not being able to be around ppl and things I love. I still use cannabis in many ways but feeling so angry inside all the time sucks...but I've come to realize I will never be able to get rid of this pain and I just have to thank god I have my lil bundle of joy princess Sophia. As for my other little high in the sky baby with the rest of those angels you were tooken from mommy and daddy too soon for us to even hold you...I will never understand why...but I am a strong mother wife woman for my family and I will get through anything that comes my way like I've done in the past. Just a reminder to everyone....give joy give love to everyone who surrounds you. Don't be so negative and mean to other human beings. Even if deep down inside you dislike a person still show your love and happiness you never know who is really depressed deep down inside...2018 should be about love and happiness.! #stonerlove
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