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Where do I begin to say how much fun me and my girls had last night!!!..This was my second time going to the Friday night sesh and let me tell ya it was poppin all night ,,there were people getting tatts,,dabs at the vendor's booth to test,edibles you name it!!..I had got me some flower from emojiog,some gear from ChaCha ,and some wax.We also got to try out the wax at the booths the one i fell in LOVE with was from Centurion they has some Dragons Breath,and Uuhh Yeah the name totally held up to it,,the taste was amazing NEVER tasted wax like that has this bursting flavors of berrys and is bascially a try your self kinda thing once you have it youll see..My girl got a vape pen from them and its like a pinapple taste,its some FIRE!!!! All in all it was definitely filled with great vibes and got to meet great people ,take some photos,I enjoyed being there and sharing this moment with my chapter .Every Moment is one to remember and I'm blessed to have them I'm my life and be in theirs ..I love you girls forever♡♡♡♡
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