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Ever find yourself in one of those spots in life where you dont really know what to do next? I mean sure, we all have the basics down, I want a nice job, I want my own place, and I want to be able to smoke weed every day while doing so! Recently I found myself stuck in one of those "spots", but then I met this amazing group of people. They ended up all being 420 nurses! I instantly fell in love with their way of life and what being a 420 nurses is all about! I have followed the 420 nurses for a few years and always fantasized about joining; when the opportunity arose i knew there was no way i could let it slip by. I found a way to not just smoke weed every day, but be able to tell people why I do. I found a way to not just educate people on all the amazing benefits of marijuana, but learn more about how it helps other people! Best of all I was welcomed open arms into an amazing little family. I have only been a nurse for about a week now. But I have already gained a huge amount of self confidence, and an even greater outlook on what life has to come!

I cant wait to see where this takes me, and I cant wait to meet more of the amazing people in this 420 family <3
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