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So some bad and good news.... First, the bad. I may have to quit smoking for just 1a little bit. For two reasons, I'm broke and can't really afford in right now and two (reason for the first one) I am currently in a very bad custody battle with my daughters father and he wants to call me a drug addict (even tho he does drugs and I just smoke weed but anyways) so if anything I would anything I may need to take a couple drug class.... Good news, I am turning 21 August 23, so of everything works out I won't even need to take any classes but anyways lol, I will be going on a road trip with my sister, mom, step dad and boyfriend and going to Oregon ߘpߘpߘpߘ on that weekend so if any nurses wanna meet up, my sister is also interested in 420nurses and would like to meet new people.
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