by on June 16, 2017
So I attended my 1st Official L.A. Chapter meeting and I am so jazzed about everyone that I met, all that I learned and how eveyone was so willing and eager to help you feel apart of the family! We got to learn about what 420Nurses stands for and represents from the gorgeous ChaChaVaVoom and the Sultry Summer Rain. Even though I felt kinda dorky asking about anything (lol, that's my anxiety talking) The beautiful Miss Tokahontas and KoOki Munsta were so awesome in answering my questions on connecting my Instagram with 420nurses shop. These are such an amazing group of Women and Men. I love that no matter what, they are all doing what they can to provide green jobs for anyone and everyone and to get the word out about the ever growing Cannabis Industry. Gold Member Extracts were there and they were hooking us up with some yummy dabs and so much Positive Energy and Love was going around, it sucked when it was all over! I can't wait to get to go to my next Chapter meeting, hang out learn more about growing in the 420Nurses and do some delicious dabs. I am so looking forward to getting to do my 1st event and hopefully many more after that.Smile
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