by on May 29, 2017
I think how I should start this like with anything is with a proper introduction Smile My name is Lena and I'm 34 and I live in Lake Elsinore, Ca with my daughter Haley and my husband Mike. I have been using medical marijuana now since December of 2013. I think the main reason I wanted to give it a try was because I was hoping it would help me with my addiction to opioids. I also wanted to see if it would help me with the chronic pain I have in my neck from surgery when I was 15, along with my bi-polar 2 disorder and PTSD. Once I felt and saw what an awesome medicine this was I knew that I wanted to have a place in the Medical Marijuana World and getting the message out about C-B-D and Medical Marijuana. I Know that's what first made me so interested in the 420Nurses, is that I saw all these very Confident, Strong, Empowered women and men working together to get the word out about cannabis. I am super excited to see where this new chapter in my life takes me and I hope that I can make a difference as I learn and get started.
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