Green MnM
by on August 1, 2016
So the SoCal Stoners Cup is coming up this weekend. Hoping I get to go. Since I've been trying to be more involved lately and attent all events I can ice been having a good time meeting new companies and getting to learn about new product. I've been on a mission to find the best C-B-D product for my grandma that does not contain THC because she is really sick and doctors keep diagnosising her with random stuff and I feel if she uses C-B-D it would help her so much maybe not heel her completely but it's worth a try before it's too late and she's by me attending events I get to meet new companies and personally get to ask about the product rather then buying it at a dispensary or a friend...I thank summer and Chacha all the time for giving me the opportunity to attend cannabis events.! You ladies rock.! And if any other nurses out there wanna attend events together hit a girl up I'm always down to meet new ppl and get out to explore and have fun.! Smile #onelove
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