Green MnM
by on July 13, 2016
So ive been a 420nurse for quite awhile now and its so much fun. I get to meet new people all the time. Ive used marijuana since i was a lil girl so its been apart of me my whole life. I know im a mother to a beautiful baby girl who takes alot of my time. But being a mother i do still and try to be apart of the 420nurses community as much as i can. Somtimes im looked bad upon because i have my my lifestyle marijuana was normal in my family so it puts me down when ppl look at me wrong. my daughter is smart lil girl and just cuz i ue marijuana doesnt make me a bad mother...for awhile i choice not to take dabs because of how i was seeing the color turn to blue and black and kinda grossed me out...but now more and more scientist are studying more and created it more clear and pure and now when i take a dab its so smooth and actually helps me sleep at night because at night time im wide awake like a weirdo.! But on the other hand its wayyyyyyy outta my my eyes i think its too over priced but business is business..SO i stick to flowers where i can afford it.! Just venting my mind here. But my journey as a 420nurse has been awesome and im glad to be apart of this lifestyle.!
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