by on July 7, 2016
- Why you should be picked to go?
Coming back into the community after a year of taking some down time, to focus on my schooling, can be intimidating so many fresh faces, new and exciting people, and not to mention the advancement in technologies. It's why I live for the 420 community. I believe I should be picked to go to experience something I haven't in a long time, to meet new people, new connections, and of course to learn about all the new products, medicine, and the way that medicine is distributed. I want to be chosen so I can REALLY start to TRULY pursue my dream of becoming a true 420 nurse activist.

- How you want to contribute?
I absolutely love to make sure everyone is having a good time, in this past year I've done a lot of costumer service jobs were you always make sure the costumer is happy, right? this is basically the same thing. we are at an event and being behind a booth you do have a job... to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves being educated on the products and making sure they leave knowledgeable about a product they decide to purchase, and doing so safely and responsibly. I live to make people happy in a situation like that. in a way this is a costumer service job. lets make sure these 420 enthusiasts have a SAFE, FUN, and STONEY adventure with the 420Nurses at Chalice '16

_ How you will promote the event ?
SOCIAL MEDIA OF COURSE!!! Instagram, 420Nurses website, Facebook, and through the dispensaries in my area and Lets not forget the smoke shop i work at!
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