by on June 15, 2016
I am going to start being more active(:

I've had one hell of a winter and my recovering in Florida since.

I have not lost my drive, just misplaced behind my clouds for a little too long.

It is a little harder/sadder reppin' something I love, in an illegal state, but i won't let that stop me.
The plan is to expand.
The plan of cannabis should be everything THC/C-B-D legalized in the US and it starts with those like myself in love with the plant and the community to continuing spreading the word and movement.

I just ordered some new gear I can't wait to rep.
I have too many ideas I need to finally make real.
I will make it back out to the west coast by the time I turn 21.

I have missed so many of the lovely cannabis enthusiasts I have been lucky enough to meet in the past year.
It's always a sweet reminder to me how many amazing creatures work with 420nurses and in the cannabis community.
I want nothing more than to one day achieve the same emanating love, patience and hard working efforts everyday we get to see from beautiful humans like Summer, ChaCha, Kooki, Peanut, Gemini, Doli and many more of you girls♥

(I pinned my chapter as examples but I know there are many more of you lovely souls I am describing)

Catch up with me on my snapchat or instagram
Let me catch up with you with yours?
Feel free to message your social medias or a happy message for those who want to converse (:

SnapChatters: Lucid_Heart

Instashit: Lucid_Nerd

Happy Humpday
Wishful Summer16'
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Summer Rain
Cant wait to see more of you babe <img src="" alt="Smile" title="Smile" title="v_middle" /> Your doing a great job, but if you ever need any guidance or help on questions Id love to help - no matter the distance we are all still sisters <img... View More
Like June 15, 2016
Thank you so much babe <3 you guys have already change my life into something I didn't even knew existed<br /> and I'm excited for the future with people like you guys and me to help patients/cannabis, grow, flourish, into everything it should and can be <br /><br />while hopefully staying stoned an... View More
Like June 15, 2016
You guys mean alot to me
Like June 15, 2016