Green MnM
by on May 26, 2016
I recently got to try Auntie's Edibles Chocolate cookie and humboldtvalleyfarms Space Sauce and it was so yummy. Yes you do taste the THC in the product but who doesnt like that yummy taste somtimes. I got to eat my 90-120 MG cookie with a big glass of chocolate milk of 60 MG of yummy goodness straight from humboldtvalleyfarms! (Eat at your dose) As for me i have a very high tolerance with edibles so i wasnt able to feel the effect right away and i did eat it all before i was going to bed. so by the time me and my hubby finished our movie of (beerfest) oh my gosh cant wait to see if they actually make a (potfest movie) haha anyways after it was done i actually started to feel the affect in my body my whole body felt so relaxed and as a mommy i was so relieved to feel calm and relaxed that is why i love edibles. As i woke up the next morning i felt like i slept like a baby.!!! So i give auntie's edibles with her gourmet edibles a thumbs up as well as humboldtvalleyfarms for there chocolate space sauce

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