Green MnM
by on May 26, 2016
I havent been blogging lately, so i feel the need to start expressing myself and my experience with 420nurses. We recently had a chapter meeting got to catch up with the ladies chacha summer. Also was able to see virgo (eyez tyte photography) hadnt seen her in awhile. Glad i was able to be there in welcoming Peanut in becoming an Official 420nurse. So happy for her she is such a beautiful person inside and out. Smile I know i have been slacking on my steps in becoming Official, its so inspiring seeing these ladies accomplish their goals. Every time i attend a meeting its always so much fun because i dont get along with most people but being abe to be around other women who like the same stuff and chill vibes is a great feeling im glad im apart of 420 nurses. I do hope to start my own chapter some day for ventura county Smile it would be so much fun to get other women inspired and be able to travel as a team/fam/inspiring women to events to represent us women to show others that we are strong minded powerful women who can educate others on marijuana. That is why i try and attend every meeting when i can being a mom and all it is hard but im a dedicated person. I love being apart of 420nurses and hope to get other women involved.!
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Virgo Kush
Good seeing you as well. Thanks for sharing
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