Summer Rain
by on April 11, 2016
I wanted to write my blog about abracadabs because I love to blog and this event was really fun and unique. Starting off with the event being in Victorville. I was shocked and excited to see an event hosted where many others are not. This brings patients out that may not be able to travel far, and I thought it was a great venue and alternative.

Day 1 was an adrenaline rush. Chacha and I woke up at the crack of dawn to get ready, head to the fairgrounds, set up booth and enjoy the first day of AbraCaDabs festival 2016. I like the way this event was setup with two indoor booth sections, a large food court and stage /concert area. Our booth was indoors next to black leaf ( they provide top organic and exotic strains to the MMJ community) and also next to pot brothers at law, (a firm that represents all individuals wrongly accused in MJ matters.) Chef Nugs booth was also across from us who had dank food all day, he made the cutest spam piggie sushi (I forgot the gourmet name) and always has the best medicated sauce. Slactavis was also close by pourin up THC syrup for the masses.

Tomorrow would be Easter Sunday at abracadabs so we were also excited to collect goodies for the eggs and get ready to play bunny and hide them the next morning. Wanted to thank all the companies who donated and made the Easter egg possible, patients had a great time.

This weekend I got to meet and Sesh with so many beautiful ladies!!! 420nurse intern Katrinagc3691 was in town from PDX, along with Photogrpaher rogue Marley, it was cool to meet and sesh with them for the first time! 420nurse interns Charliibby, Kooki Munsta, FknSharonYum, Peanut, AliceDubz, AngelBabyxx21 , MissChelseaAttacks, Labu, TreePuffinJoe, Sassyos, LovelyLady, and a few others stopped by the 420nurses booth to show love and meet fans! 420nurse intern Dabbin duchess also made some time to come smoke a blunt and show us her new products debuting in Arizona (where she's from) very soon! She makes tasty edibles and upcoming solventless flavors! Follow her company Royal Treats and help her grow!!

Day 1 was filled with so much smoke, thanks to TreePuffinJoe for keeping the joints rolled! Smoke in the air, music playin loud, the best munchies and the coolest people, 420nurses were in heaven.

Day 2 of abracadabs was also Easter Sunday. 420nurses filled hundreds of Easter eggs with 420/710 products and novelty and hid them all over the medicated area at the fairgrounds. As patients came in they found eggs with goodies and raffle tickets for really dope prizes. We hope it was as memorable and exciting for patients as it was for us.

Sunday was on more of a chill vibe, I got more of a chance to mingle with businesses and really get my smoke on!

Sunday is the day most events host the award ceremony for the product competition. I would love to be a judge for abracadabs next year. With my high tolerance and wide range of medical marijuana experience , I feel I can provide great strain reviews and also judge between different items very well. Rather than judging 420nurses were asked to announce the winners! On stage in front of our fans, we gave awards to the top companies on the biz. Thank you to abracadabs for the opportunity to not only go on stage and announce the winners, but also giving us the chance to speak about CCHI with Jeff Clark. It is important we get the message out in time and I thank the whole squad out there this weekend for being so inviting and excepting. This is really what our community is about. Spreading love, educating ourselves and each other, and unifying our community.

I can't wait to attend the next abracadabs in 2017 I hope to see you all in attendance, taking some dabs and having the best time with myself and fellow 420nurses!
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