by on March 3, 2016
I'm a stoner that enjoys fitness:p
I was blessed with a fast metabolism, so I could get stoned and literally grub on anything. But this passed couple of years, I've been more and more conscious of what kinds of foods i'm actually feeding my body. Skinny doesn't always mean healthy or strong, so this year, I've decided to do a lifestyle change to not only get my body feeling 100%, but looking more toned and gain more muscle! I stepped up my dedication, by getting a personal trainer and learning more about my body and how to live a healthy lifestyle. And the cool thing is I get to go through this experience along side my cousin, and 420nurse, Chelsea aka "Rouge". Our trainer, A 420 patient and professional body builder, provides me a healthy, monthly, meal plan, and I try my hardest to not make any excuses to get up bright and early daily to train. Going from eating whenever and whatever I wanted, to a structured, protein-ed packed, 6 meals a day plan to follow is a bit difficult but it's worth it to actually see a change in your body, mood by challenging myself daily mentally and physically to not give up. It's so easy to give up or procrastinate. Especially with a busy schedule and having to prep your meals, but if I do need to eat fast food, i'm able to make a healthier decision. It's frightening to know what kind of things are in our food!
This year, I had the opportunity to attend the Edibles List Awards with my fellow 420 Nurses of our Los Angeles Chapter. What an experience!! Aside from having a blast in the photo booth, I made sure to try to stop at all the booths, try new edibles, network, and promote myself. One winner in particular stood out to me. Moonman's Mistess, a new edible company surfacing the industry. They were awarded best Healthy edible! :] and I agree!! healthy medicated snacks are just what I need! And the founder's are down to earth, personal fitness trainers from San Fran. It's so awesome connecting with stoners that are into fitness and health too.
Each package contains two delicious treats that are not only Paleo and low sugar, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free! For alot of people, they choose or health wise, they strictly can only stick to a paleo diet , only eating clean foods healthy fats, lean meat, veggies, fruit, nuts/seeds, and eliminating dairies, starches, and processed foods for a leaner, stronger, and more energetic body or allergies to certain ingredients. I didn't even know what a paleo diet was until I had seen it on this package and googled to learn more. Included in the package is also a nutritional benefits paper! AWESOME!!!! It has the ingredients and the benefits of them to your body. I love that they actually provide more information to patients! I want to know what i'm feeding my body and if it's harmful or helpful to my body... and then I can decide to care and eat it or not:p
^ Munching on the the Chocolate Chip Crater Cookies that literally melt in your mouth and don't have a bitter thc taste, plus, I only need 1 of 2 to feel a comfotable, ralaxing, body high for a good nights rest or for the day. Please check out and add Moonman's Mistress products on facebook, twitter, and instagram! Their business page with a 5 star rating is on our business section! :]
Summer Rain
I need to get more into fitness Thanks for sharing ! Ill have to check these guys out ! :)
yes they are really cool and want to work with 420nurses in future events<3 :]
Thanks for all the love and support Peanut! Looking forward to seeing you at future events (whether 420 or Fitness related)!