by on October 22, 2015
I guess since i actually have a blog now with active bloggers, i think i'll start posting my rants here instead of Facebook
I'll be sure to try to focus on the more positive side of the argument or topic (:

STARTING with WHY i plan to adapt & grow with the 420 nurses and cannabis community...

C-B-D oils itself have been proven to stop cancer, when NOTHING else has worked.
NOT to mention all the other amazing qualities and benefits that can come from the entire plant itself.

I am a 420 nurse because I am sick of those who have helped cure lives and spread so much love through a NATURAL grown substance, be disrespected or looked down upon.

YES there will always be someone to abuse something; says the fat guy on the couch who ate too much McDonalds, or watched too much tv or smokes too much and does nothing.
nor should the plant be continued being disrespected as such.

A million more alcoholics could causes more accidents & more mental/verbal abuse and there will still be people out there defending alcohol over cannabis; allowing their teens to drink at home with friends but kicks them out or some type of disapproval if they participate with marijuana.

420 nurses are more than just the pretty girls on the internet who smoke & promote, not saying that isn't part of the job but these females are the sweetest energies ive ever been around in a long time, looking for ways to expand and develop the cannabis community for everyone!

AND IF YOU MADE IT THROUGH MY RANT and you do not smoke or partake in cannabis in any way, that is completely okay too.
I just ask people to not be so blind and ignorant to what our country has lead cannabis to be, when solid results have proved other wise.

Cannabis is NOT harmful and i will forever support this cause.
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