by on October 12, 2015
Highhhhh It's Monday and I hope everyone's staying MOTIVATED :]
Summer is over (even though So Cal weather feels like Summer year round) and I can't wait to "fall " into new experiences with 420Nurses! <3

Stoked to take on this season and every week new opportunities through 420Nurses are approaching! This passed week, I had a photo shoot with Kooki ! We finally had the pleasure of shooting together for the Nurses Orders with my good friend, and photographer, Andre Giovanni. SO much fun! This shoot gave us an opportunity to get comfortable posing with another nurse and just comfortable in front of the camera.Photos are coming soon! Andre also started a production company that i'm involved in, 1st Degree Entertainment. Producing events from EDM to metal shows. More photos are coming soon so watch out:] Our LA Chapter also had an amazing meeting on a faded Friday, where I got to meet other nurses and reunite with other beautiful nurses I had already had the pleasure of meeting at previous meetings.

I've caught myself realizing I was focusing a lot of my work time working and making money through other 420 jobs and not making time or being more available to be active with 420 nurses as much as i'd want to. I work hard in the cannabis industry and strive to become more involved with our 420 Brand, yet I noticed I began to lag more in my daily workouts, editing photos, networking, missed out on events etc. I became aware that I need to organize my priorities better and continue to work hard and strive to be an official 420 Nurse and featured model. Having this 420Nurses family is truly inspiring me to work harder and not be afraid to say YES NOW! :]

Can't wait, i'll be promoting at the last charity event, Love Ride this Sunday! I'll also be entering the Crop King Seeds Contest daily. So far, there's a couple 420 Nurses events I plan to go to and on the 22nd, you'll find me raging out with my squad at Exchange LA (Tickets available online through Kooki). Don't forget about HALLOWEEN!!!! I love love LOVE this holiday. I like costumes, so catch me hooping in the get up, I have yet to think of yet, at ESCAPE DAY 1!! Halloween Day I will be bud tending at The White House in Corona. Stop by for some fun and fire budz if you'll be in the IE. They are interested in hiring friendly, knowledgable bud tenders. If you have a pretty open availability, check out the casting call i'll be posting. Be sure to look out for more videos on my Youtube channel- i'll be vlogging my experience raving at Escape!!

Next month is not only Thanksgiving, but it's my BIRTHDAY MONTH !! HEYOHHHH 23 on the 30th! :D My sister and I are adventuring with our family to Idaho for Thanksgiving with the family. Never been to that state so definitely stoked to go somewhere new and beautiful. Birthday plans are still brewing >:]

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Wow so honest and inspiring!!! You honestly give me motivation that's it possible you can do what you love and not have to call it work.
thank you! I really appreciate hearing that!:] Loving life<3 stay motivated love! happiness is success :]