Virgo Kush
by on August 16, 2015
I had a great time at Fogs of Globs yesterday. Great to see all the 420nurses that made it out, you ladies are awesome. I didn't realize how high I really was til I woke up this morning..LMAO

I took some dabs, had some medicated coffee, ice cream, juice, syrup, vape..etc OMGeezus all that started to kick in and the heat didn't help. The DJ was on point the entire time.

My dogs started barking cause I had on the wrong shoes. I needed to change shoes and get my wallet so I could get something to eat. I was way to was way to high to walk to the 420Nurses booth to get my bag. I ate and was pretty much still high af and stuck on the couch.. LHM! Still got some great pics and video.. posting soon!

I remember getting dropped at home, barely remember eating.. it was a wrap after that. Had a blast! Met and networked with some great people.

Ready for the next event!
Virgo Kush
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Sounds like you had a great time. I am looking forward to the next event as well. Meet you soon.
Like August 17, 2015
Virgo Kush
Yes! I Had a good time. Yeah meet soon.
Like August 17, 2015
Glad to be at an event with you again <img src="" alt="Smile" title="Smile" title="v_middle" /> Love seeing you girl <3
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