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by on July 20, 2015
The medicinal marijuana industry is now catering to your four-legged family member. Some pet owners are claiming a treat made from hemp is curing their animals of a variety of ailments.

Andrew Mizia says his dog "Fred" suffered from anxiety, so he tried these hemp-based biscuits called Treatibles.

"They were able to calm down and his anxiety a little bit so that he wouldn't have up his hackles and wouldn't immediately be so on guard in the presence of other dogs," Mizia said.

The Holistic Hound pet shop in Berkeley is getting the same feedback from a lot of customers who claim the Treatibles are curing their dogs from everything from arthritis to epileptic seizures.

The store has a shelf full of calming remedies for animals, but manager, Dianne Krenzer says these marijuana-based treats seem to be more effective because they're infused with cannabinoids or CBDs.

"I've never seen a product that has had such broad popularity and interest," Krenzer said. "Humans and animals have an endocannabinoid system and we have receptors throughout our bodies. So if anxiety is an issue, the C-B-D works on the stress receptors."

The maker of these treats, an Oakland-based company called Auntie Dolores, says they do not contain THC, so pets won't get high.

Some veterinarians are skeptical because of the lack of research behind these hemp-based remedies. Still, pet owners like Jesse Hiroda are still willing to try them.

"For dogs that have a little bit more separation anxiety, this might be a better option for him," Hiroda said. "We've tried a couple of remedies like melatonin, but so far he hasn't had such a great take to those."

The Holistic Hound says the Treatibles have been so effective that pet owners have become interested in cannabinoid-infused products to treat themselves.

Author: Alan Wang Website: - ABC7 WLS Chicago and Chicago News
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