Sandy Lovesit
by on June 13, 2015
On friday was my first visit to the 420 Nurses head quarters! I was running late to the meeting witch made me a bit nervous but a side the nerves i had very good expectations of the enviroment and specially the 420 nurses. i was dying to meet them and learn all i could about 420 nurses. As i was walking in i saw all the pictures along the hall ways and i couldnt help but to feel happy i was finally going as soon as i walk in the studio #chacha welcomed me with a warming hug and walked me into everything helped me with all the questions i had and we even took a few pictures! I cant even explain how great it was. It was more than wat i expected all the girls were so down to earth and easy to talk to i was super excited that i was finally meeting them all i felt at home with ladies who support wat im about.this will defeneatly be a great memory of my first expirience with the 420 nurses. All i can say is that this meeting and making this trip to 420 nurses head quarters has defeneatly made my mond up that i need 420 nurses in my life ! Thanks in advance to whoever takes the time to read Smile
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Grim Kardashian
Chacha is an angel. Her and Summer have been so helpful. Its good to hear so many great gals are recruited bt their efforts. I wosh i lived closer to cali so i could mee more nurses. Thanks for the insight on your chapter!! Have a kick ass journey!!
Like June 15, 2015