by on March 19, 2015
I came to the studio on Wednesday for my weekly visit. I like to be able to come to the studio to work on my blogs, news articles, and to bond with the interns. There were many new interns that came with 710Witch from Missouri to purchase their intern kits. It was really good to see 710Witch again before she moves back to Missouri. I also got to sesh with my favorite dab soul sista Dabarella as well as took photos with her and Leah. While the new interns were being briefed on basic 420Nurses information the rest of us went into the studio to take videos, dabs, and photos. I did some stretches and yoga to pass some of the time by. Getting warmed up to do my splits. I have my left splits down perfect, less so on my right splits and I can do my middle splits. It was really nice to be able to stretch and to dance around to music as well as bond with the girls. While I was taking a video of myself taking a dab in the splits, Dabarella decided to ninja dab me with a fat glob. She totally gets me and my high tolerance and it made the video so much better. Later all of us took some videos, photos and dabs and then headed on home. I'll be at the studio every Wednesday if anyone wants to hang out, take photos, and talking about the News Website. Hit me up!
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