by on March 4, 2015
I came to the 420Nurses studio today after going to my Microbiology lecture at CSUN. I walked in to see Cha Cha VaVoom who led me to the shooting area for the meeting. Tink, Green MnM, Virgo Kush, Jewels, Youneek, and JasmineBANG were already at the studio taking photos. We continued to take photos and dab. I brought over my Crush Glass Jack Skellington Rig and my 13 Glass Jack Skellington pipe to medicate on. After a few dabs and photoshoots, some new interns arrived Rusti Jaclyn and FaithRain. We then dabbed on Loud Pack Extracts with Summer Rain and Cha Cha VaVoom from their Crush Glass Mushroom rig and mini Dabuccino rig. The meeting started and Summer Rain went over what each intern is expected to do within the chapter to get the most out of being a 420Nurse. I worked on copying my published article from to my blog, uploading photos from the cabin sleepover in Wrightwood, and networking on the site. Now it's time for more photos and dabs. I'm working on another article for the news website to help out the interns that want a few tips for how to succeed in the 420Nurses. I also was talked to Jewels about becoming a writer for the News website as she is an activist as well as a stunning model, and her blogs are extremely educated. Rusti Jaclyn also expressed interest in writing. It seems the News website is blossoming more and I'm so excited at the possibilities of collaborating with so many intelligent and talented people.
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