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by on June 29, 2014

Here is the part I was in......

"While the CSO made a big splash in the press and quickly attracted the city’s attention, iBake Denver, a pipe shop and cannabis club, has been quietly operating in Denver since February 2013. Littletree Oppy & Thurlow Weed, iBake’s owners, say the business qualifies as a tobacconist and is therefore exempt from the state’s smoking ban. Smoking and hanging-out privileges are reserved for members who pay a $10 monthly fee. Oppy says iBake, which sells soft drinks and snacks as well as marijuana paraphernalia, has not had any trouble with the city. But it caters mainly to locals and is unlikely to attract many tourists, especially since explicitly advertising a cannabis-friendly environment to the general public tends to set off alarms at city hall."

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