by on May 19, 2014
Thank you to everyone who made it to the HighFi Event May 18 2014 Started Rocking at Noon and took the last Dab at 7:10. This event was made for Medical Marijuana most proceeds will be going to cancer charities, Thank you to all the people who paid admission and help support for the cause . The420NURSES <3 LASPEEDWEED <3 BREALTV <3 PARISOG <3

The 1st Annual Hig Event was presented by LA SPEEDWEED, it was held at The premier diamond megaclub 333 live down S. Boylston Street in Los Angeles.The club’s unique layout and large amount of space allows for the incredible concert, club and event experiences we had last Sunday . Superior sound and lighting, smoke machines, dab bars and the amazing vendors and performances. This place was 55,000+ sq. ft. , 2 Floors, Multiple Dance Floors, Huge Outdoor Patio, Multiple Rooms with a Bar in Every Room, Incredible Sound and Lighting, VIP Rooms & Balcony Seating, 400+ Car Parking, Rooftop Parking, Free Street Parking, 2000+ Capacity - Yes it was an amazing time here last night.

Thank you to 420Nurse Intern Bdubb for stopping by One Love

Watching PepperLive one of my favorite moments

So Happy The 420Nurse Intern Model Of the Month showed up and represented herself as a 420Nurse taking dabs with @InfamousGlass <3

THe Paris OG Booth & the 420Nurses Interns @Gracie Ganga & Kushcupcake

Check out the beautiful Rosebudz

The 420Nurses taking a quick picture with Schayze before we give him his BIG DAB Smile

Thank you to The DonJuan and his beautiful Ladies <3

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