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Hello to all, sorry for the delay in posting a blog but the news hasn't been quiet on any front lately. Last night the Red Phone rang with this latest simple call to action, literally a phone call to start the push back for our health. The cause of keeping pot all natural, CCHI's main point, and labels, real labels, not those rubber-stamped by the FDA and cheered by FLOTUS. I am making my calls as soon as I finish posting this message for help.

"Dear Friends, We are thrilled to have the potential to pass a GREAT GMO labeling for CA by AUG. 31, 2014!!

State Senator Noreen Evans has proposed State Bill S.B.1381 to require labeling of GE foods & seeds offered for retail sale in CA. This is an improved version of Prop. 37.

WILL THIS BILL PASS? IT IS UP TO YOU & ME. GMO labeling opponents will fight hard. State Senators & Assembly Members need to hear from us to see how many people support it & how strongly we feel.

This is a great opportunity for us to get quality GMO labeling in place in CA. Let's not squander the opportunity. Now is the time! If you want labeling, please help!

BEST CHOICE: CALL THEM AT SACRAMENTO OFFICE (this can be a 1 minute call). Tell them please support SB1381 to label GMOs when it comes up for vote at the Health Committee. If you have time, call their local offices too.

If you call after working hours, leave the message with your first & last name. It is simple! (local #s - see attached list)

Here are the #s - please call these 3 first:

Sen.Kevin DeLeon 916/651-4022 San Fernando Valley & LA

Sen. Ed Hernandez (Chair) 916/651-4024 L.A./West Covina

Sen. Joel Anderson (Vice Chair) 916/651-4036 El Cajon/Temecula


Sen. Jim Beall 916/651-4015

Sen. Jim Nielsen 916/651-4004 needs calls

Sen. Lois Wolk 916/651-4003.

Sen. Mark DeSaulnier 916/651-4007

Sen. Bill Monning 916/651-4017

Sen. Noreen Evans 916/651-4002 (author of the bill, thank her)

To find out who represents you:

Calendar overview: This will be quite a sprint but worth the effort! SB 1381 must pass in several committees of CA State Senate (you have a local rep). First vote is Health Committee this Wed. 3/26. Then Agriculture 4/1 & then 2 others. Then it will be voted on by the full State Senate by end of May. Then same process in the Assembly (you have a local rep) by end of August. Then Gov. Brown would sign by 8/31.

Let’s do it! Let's make history. Please make the calls now. Hurray for California!!!! Call as many Senators of the Health Committee as you want. Thank you."

Lisa Kassner
San Fernando Valley Co-Coordinator, Los Angeles County
Label GMOs Campaign -
"Educate - Legislate - Off My Plate!"
818/831-8657 - please only call 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
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