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About Smokers Only

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Introducing Smokers Only Clothing Company's roots & backbone sponsors of 420nurses Smile

ABOUT - Creative designer out of NYC, Solomon Reese, reknown for many of his sick graphic designs! You may have seen some of his work for Wale, J. Cole, Ashanti, Marcc, Russell Simmons and Reason NYC Clothing. His partner out of Pittsburgh, PA & mastermind, Greg Manganas, aka DJ Drastik, well reknown for creating the Piffsburgh movement. With the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller rockin' these creations heavy, Drastik and Solomon linked up and decided to put together Smokers Only. A brand that allows smokers to express themselves, and still look FLY!

Smokers Only brings you a FRESH blend of sub-cultures like... smoking, art, music, humor and street fashion. Smokers Only has the freshest homegrown flavors in stock, available all year long. Whether weed t-shirts, snapbacks, sweatshirts or any of our other stoner wear. You may even have caught some of our brands smokers tees on celebrities such as: Puma, OHSHIT & Sassy from Black Ink, or maybe Cassidy in his interview dissing Meek Mill, or even Freekey Zekey from Dipset. So... go to your local headshop and support our culture and an official smokers brand, Smokers Only Clothing Co. Come on people, let's unite and celebrate 420 with smokers worldwide.
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I Will be working on my photoshoot set - Lookout for more pictures Smile
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