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Chronic Creamer is a simple and effective way to enjoy cannabis infused beverages in a variety of dank flavors. Medicate with staples like coffee and chai tea, hot cocoa, popsicles and even french toast.

It’s so easy to prepare delicious homemade creamer in tantalizing aromas, not to mention how disgusting and potentially toxic store-bought creamer ingredients are.

1 cup milk
1 cup heavy-double cream
2 tbsp organic vanilla extract (optional)

2 tbsp pure maple syrup (optional)
15 grams finely ground cannabis flower, or 2+ grams kief

If you have flower material,
In a saucepan over medium-low heat, bring cream and milk to a low simmer. Once the mixture is steaming hot, add ground flower. Using a wooden spoon, mix gently. Continue to simmer on low for 30 minutes, stirring frequently to prevent separation. Strain the steaming cream through cheesecloth or mesh sieve and pour into jars. Add maple syrup and vanilla, mix well and refrigerate.

To use keif,
Combine milk and cream, whisk over medium-low heat until warm. Then add kief and simmer on low for 30 minutes, stirring the mixture continuously to completely dissolve all material. Add maple syrup and vanilla, mix well and remove from heat. Place contents in glass container(s), let cool and store in fridge.

For sugar leaves,
See flower method. Recommended 28+ grams of fresh frozen trim, ground.

While the potency of the creamer will be greatly dictated by the quality and amount of the material utilized, extracting the cannabinoids in a hot, heavy cream method prepared with a high-fat content milk is recommend for premium results.

However, whether you prefer to use cow’s milk or an alternative like hemp, coconut, oat or almond milk it will be similarly effective. And a light cream or half & half may be substituted for heavy-double cream.

Chronic Creamer will last approximately 7 – 10 days in the refrigerator, please be sure to shake well before medicating.

Add vanilla beans for a delicious french vanilla creamer. Or try these flavors,

Strudel: 2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 4 tbsp brown sugar and a dash of salt

Chocolate Raspberry: 4 tbsp of seedless raspberry jam, 2 tbsp cocoa

Orange Chocolate: 1 tbsp cocoa, 1 tbsp orange extract

Peppermint Mocha: 1 tbsp cocoa, 1 tbsp peppermint extract

Eggnog: 1 tsp vanilla extract, 2 tsp rum extract, 1 tsp nutmeg

Maple Java: 6 tbsp of pure maple syrup

Gingerbread: 2 tsp blackstrap molasses, 2 tbsp brown sugar, 1/2 tsp each of cinnamon, clove and ginger

For best results, combine Cosmic Creamer and spices in a saucepan over low heat, mix thoroughly until all ingredients dissolve.

Please feel free to adjust the measurements for stronger, bolder and sweeter flavors.


This is an alternative, dairy-free canna-creamer recipe. Cannabis infused coconut oil is required.

1 cup canna-coconut oil
1 cup coconut cream concentrate
1 tsp honey or agave nectar (to taste)
2 – 3 tbsp cocoa powder
Gently soften cannabis infused coconut oil and coconut cream until you can whisk together. Add sweetener and cocoa and mix until thoroughly combined.

Pour into glass jars and refrigerate. This recipe keeps well and is excellent for traveling. Mix one or more spoonfuls into coffee, tea or hot chocolate.


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Can't wait to try this! Looks like another good remedy for a headache Smile Thank you!!
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