by on November 5, 2013
So Colorado isn't officially a legal marijuana state until the first of the year. but i've been hearing a lot on the news about people taking advantage of the amazing rights they have. I've heard numerous reports of people saying the way Washington and Colorado govern their legal pot markets will be a test case for the rest of the U.S. You know what that means? if too many people fuck it up for us we can kiss our rights to recreational marijuana use goodbye.

I can honestly say I don't use marijuana for medical reasons anymore than for mild anxiety and when I cant sleep, I used to have to rely on herb to get me through the day, and I can also say that cannabis has helped me drastically with my depression and anxiety. and thats why its so important for us to get our recreational use rights, because even though we can take care of our patients here in cali, what about the people who don't have severe enough problems to get a prescription for it.
Thats where recreational use comes in. Now some people don't need it for medical reasons whatsoever you can say you use marijuana for you headaches and to eat but we all know the majority of people who use it like to get high, just like me! alright? and what's wrong with that I ask you!? we smoke tobacco and drink alcohol every weekend, but if we wanna light up a plant that grows in the ground we get judged. But not for long my friendsSmile the world is evolving and we are evolving with it!

Quoted from http://ideas.time.com/2013/10/24/8-things-we-wont-miss-when-pot-is-legal-everywhere/
"An increasing number of citizens have realized that the government has better things to do than tell us what we can and cannot put into our bodies"

damn right, they don't care what we're putting in our bodies, All they care about is how many companies hemp will put out of business because you make literally anything you dream of with Hemp.

The last thing the government cares about is us or our health. Cigarettes , we all know, is a great crowd control, it kills 6 million people yearly. Thats a great way to dwindle down our numbers, I know its a horrible thing to think about but why is tobacco legal and marijuana isn't? tobacco kills, marijuana heals. Tobacco makers bank off taxes and marijuana will put out a bunch of business' clear choice. part 2 will be out next weekSmile much love friends and remember to be involved with your state votes and county votes. LETS NOT CHANGE OUR STATE, OR OUR COUNTRY, LETS CHANGE THE WORLD<3
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