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GLASS BLOWING Smile As a novel glass forming technique a glassforming technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble or whatever desired shape .

My fist time glass blowing was with maestroglass over at maestroglass Glass Studios. I was able to make 2 glass dabbers of Mold-blowing - an alternate glassblowing method that came after the invention of free-blowing usually takes place during the first partof GLASS BLOWING , the first one I made was put together with slime green and clear glass made into a Double dabber. The second glass piece was made together with leprechaun glittery green dabber with a coin shaped top.

Follow them now on orders email us

Thank you Red Eye Gypsie for the invite Smile Ill stay posted to all the events you add on Smile

Thank you Official Intern Vice President of LA Chapter - SummerRain

Meet John elvis Just loving life, being a dad can't ask for much more ߘ. Working @MaestroGlass & #GoosefireGallery#

ALso Happy Birthday shout outs to robby glass blower from Huntington beach. PMA all day! I love my life and everyone in it!

It was so Nice seeing SFT- "Smoke Filled Thoughts with Smokes & Dabz - LIVE CHAT

Always fun dabbing with 420Nurse Official Intern "KittenKush"


First Time Glass Blowing with ChaChaVaVoom

Thank you for watching , reading Sharing - 420Nurse ChaChaVaVoom

DAB WARZ with SFT Dabz
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