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When you think about your business – ADVERTISING is probably the one thing you think about the most in a lifetime. With this unique relationship someone holds with his or her business we take promotions very seriously- we do not want to Change your business but we want to promote it through a successful contest. We don’t want to make it just another contest – we want to make it a Much better Contest.

The 420Nurses Contest is a result of this approach. A completely new and redesign from scratch, Looking at many contest and taking the best to make it simple & EASY for both the sponsoring business and the contestant. The current platform host to hundreds of thousand of models, fans and business that overlay the 420nurses platform and allows the user to log in and vote for their favorite contestant instantly.
Increase Engagement of your audience, Grow Your Fan base, Build Content that is generated through the contest that will be a great addition to your social media channels; people will love to see the real deal and we will show them. Instantly and automatically the contest can be shared across the network-

When you look at the dollar you expect a return but with the 420nurses it can be maximized with innovation that $ can reach thousands of people. By making your company a part of the 420nurses. Bottom line, Facebook doesn’t want any explicit involvement in ANY of your contests. It’s all about liability, and the Facebook promo guidelines are designed to distance the social network from whatever companies and bloggers do with their contests.

Here are 8 best CONTEST Tips that will make your 420Nurse contest a success.

#1: Determine what your Goals are for your Contest. Ask yourself….
What do we hope to achieve?
Do we want to increase brand awareness or highlight a new product?
Are we hoping to increase the number of Likes on your page?
Do we want to boost user engagement, gather user feedback or develop advocates for the brand?
Are we fundraising?

#2: Photo Contest is being used to help run and Reach Your Goals faster.

Photo contests will give you lots of content for your page & easy to enter. You may offer apparel, gifts and gear for fans and followers. Especially if you do not have an on-location store, so all your sales are done through catalog and website. This makes 420Nurses Contest page a key ingredient in reaching your target audience.

#3: Familiarize Yourself With Facebook’s Policies and Guidelines
Bottom line, Facebook doesn’t want any explicit involvement in ANY of your contests. It’s all about liability, and the Facebook promo guidelines are designed to distance the social network from whatever companies and bloggers do with their contests.
That is why The 420nurses contest is what you have been looking for.

#4: Pick a Relevant Prize

As noted above, an iPad is a popular giveaway these days. While an iPad is certainly nothing to sneeze at, you’d be better off using contests to showcase your own products and services. After all, people are coming to your page because they are interested in learning more about what you offer.
If you operate a housecleaning business, for example, consider giving away three months of cleaning services. If you sell digital cameras, do what GoPro does: periodically give away your full product line.The prize you offer doesn’t need to break the bank—it shouldn’t, actually. Just remember that the value of your prize should reflect the effort participants need to make to enter.
#5: Keep it Simple

What’s the secret to running a successful campaign?
Make it easy to enter and 420Nurses has made it just that! Simple Contest

Yes, there are lots of examples of super-innovative contests that attract plenty of attention, but there are even more examples of innovative contests that flop because they are too complicated.It’s one thing to ask users to send in a photo of them wearing their favorite shade of red lipstick. But it’s another thing to ask them to share videos of themselves belting out their favorite Johnny Cash or U2 song.Be aware that the more fields you ask users to fill out, the fewer entries you’ll receive. People prefer not to give their job title, marital status and three different contact numbers to enter a contest if the prize is a sticker.
Ask for less information while still getting what you need. In some cases, this might be just the entrant’s name, age and email address.
#6: Tell the World About Your Contest

When you’re contest is being hosted on make it social!
Don’t just post details to your page.

Promote it on Twitter, include it in email newsletters and send out reminders. It’s okay to remind your fans periodically that the contest is going on—just be sure to promote your business along the way. Don’t just talk about the contest, or people might lose interest. Put details about the contest on the homepage of your website. And don’t forget to make your contest promotion part of your integrated marketing communications strategy.

Be sure it’s well-integrated into your other marketing efforts. This can include everything from a mention on receipts (both printed and emailed), in newsletters, on in-store signage and as part of radio and television advertising.

#7: Consider 420Nurse Ads

Investing in 420Nurses Ads increase the reach of your promotion.
420Nurses Ad spaces are small, so it’s essential that your ads are simple to understand and eye-catching.420Nurses Ads make it easy to target users who share your interests and demographics, and they’re also a way to reach beyond the people who already Like your page by placing them where your ideal demographic hangs out.
#8: Finally: Don’t Forget to Follow Up!

Your promotion is over, the prizes have been awarded… and now you’re done, right? Not so fast. You ran the promotion so you could gather information about your customers, so spend a little bit of time making sense of what you’ve learned.The simplest way to do that is to put all of the data into a spreadsheet and see what your users have to say.Did they offer you any interesting or valuable information about your brand?

Did they make any suggestions for ways that you might improve interactions with them?Make sure you follow up and let them know that you’re listening so they’ll be motivated to keep engaging with you. Ultimately they’ll be even bigger fans of your business.

What do you think?
What’s the most creative contest you’ve run on ?
How often do you run a contest on
Have you seen success with your contests?

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