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Daniel Chong a 23 year old bright Innocent college student from UCSD , majoring in engineering, (not to be confused with the famous CHONG from Cheech and Chong well known stoner movie actors ) he was in San Diego celebrating " 420" Annual stoner holiday , until he got busted by the feds thrown in jail for 5 Days and forgotten him with no water or food! He was living a Stoners Nightmare , In Jail with muncheez, CottonMouth mouth and forgotten about labeled a terrorist from the media. Seven of the nine detainees were then taken to county jail, one was released, and Chong was accidentally left in a holding cell at the DEA office, according to the DEA.

He was placed in a 5 by 10 feet (1.5 m × 3.0 m) holding cell, his wrists bound in handcuffs. He was then left in the windowless cell for five days despite repeated cries for help. He could hear people walking around outside the room but could not get their attention. At one point the lights went off for several days. While locked up, he was starving and hallucinating. He claimed that, while incarcerated, he had to drink his own urine for hydration, and ingested some methamphetamine that he found under a blanket inside the cell in order to keep himself awake. He attempted suicide by breaking one of the lenses in his eyeglasses, slitting his wrists with the shards and swallowing them. By the time he was discovered on April 25, he was hallucinating and completely incoherent. Ching was released April 25 where He was treated for various problems including dehydration, near-failure of his kidneys, and a perforated lung from eating broken glass. He was never charged with any crime.

Daniels Nightmare will be taking a turned for a Dream come true of justice getting nearly a million a day in settlement money for his ordeal from the incompetent, Brutal DEA's actions . Nobody responsible for the incident has been disciplined, but the DEA has introduced national detention standards including daily inspections and cameras in cells.
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DAMN!! He better get paid. I'd sue the shit out of them
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Mrs Puff N Stuff
Omg that would be terrifying!!! Poor guy!! At least he's a millionaire now tho lol
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Holden Heilman
yea i really hope he does get alll of that money because this is just proof on how the government just does things outta spite and impulses.
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