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Medical Marijuana for real.

What really is the difference between marijuana and prescription pills? they both make the pain go away, and if your looking for a recreational use they both do the job (which i highly discourage, but hey, we've all been there). the simple fact that people aren't understanding is Marijuana hasn't caused the death of ANYONE, unless you count a food comma death, which i'm sure some people would argue. In 2011 Florida had their first decline in prescription drugs coming down from 2,710 in 2010 to 2,539 in 2011. Could it have been because of the publicity and influence of medical marijuana?

Depressants, opioids and anti depressants caused more deaths(45%) than cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin(39%) put together. yeah, that shocked me as well.

A statistics chart put together by BSSNews Faqlet in July of 2002, and the death rates were ridiculous
Tobacco- 406,209 deaths
Alcohol- 116,000 deaths
PharmCo- 106,000 deaths
Illegal- 19,102 deaths
& this isn't something I pulled out of my ass

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It frustrates me that the top three causes of death in the drug department are legal, don't get me wrong i smoke cigarettes and drink sometimes,(which is probably why so many people die from it , BECAUSE ITS LEGAL!) but the fact that they make something so deadly so legal baffles me. Do some people not realize marijuana is a plant, grown in the ground, giving by god(or whoever you believe in) to us to use, not to mentions hemp can be used to almost ANYTHING.(FUN FACT: the Declaration Of Independence was written & signed on Hemp paper) I mean he gave us tobacco as well, but he didn't intend people to poison it so harshly.

Marijuana use dates back all the way to 2737 B.C. in china where they used it for rheumatism, malaria, and absent-mindedness, among other things. The "jazz age" in the 1920's of america was where pot use increased among people in show business, marijuana clubs called "tea pads" began springing up in many popular american cities. also in 1920 the U.S. Department of Agriculture urged farmers to grow marijuana as a profitable crop. WOW! but what happened?

1937, that's what happened. REEFER MADNESS. HA HA
also in 1937 president Franklin Roosevelt signed a marijuana tax law which required a government issued stamp in order to grow and sell marijuana. but guess what!? the government refused to issue any stamps. can you say GOTCHA!? So they pretty much outlawed marijuana without passing any real criminal law.

so why is it that the plant that was cultivated by so many of our founding fathers illegal, when legal pharmaceuticals have caused more deaths than human hands?
who knows, i know the truth but do you?

educate yourself Smile
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