by on April 20, 2013
Announcement of New Official Interns. We award this title to motivated sexy interns that have been very active in the 420nurses Community. These girls are always sporting the 420nurses lifestyle by wearing gear and being at events. They have brought fans and members from other sources of life. We took points, votes, time, and views into consideration in choosing these new Official Interns.

Congratulate the following new Official Interns

Summer Rain -- Joined the 420nurses in December and since has shown to be an active member in the 420nurses. She has dedicated everyday to the 420nurses and lives the 420nurses lifestyle.

Lexi -- She is a perfect example of the heart and consistency that it takes to be a 420nurse.

Britt Jane -- Distance is not an excuse for this new Official Intern. She has shown her leadership and constancy as a great asset to our team.

GanjaGlam -- A great addition to the 420nurses of San Diego and a great active social networker. Great way to show other girls how you can be an active member anywhere you are.

Kitten Kush -- A great promoter from nor cal, motivated and has traveled a long distance to be close to the 420nurses.
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Congrats ladies. Like yourselves I am new here but 'here' has changed my life. Welcome to the future, Interns. Cha Cha, you have a great eye for Womanhood. Guess 'it takes one to know one' as they say, is true.
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way to go girls
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Mizz Ganja
Congrats Nurses!!
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what a lovely bunch of ladies
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