by on April 2, 2013
APRIL FOOLS Street Promo DATE with Summer Rain down Van Nuys blvd. We Drove by Pacoima , Arleta, Panorama City to VAN NUYS - all on Van Nuy Blvd. The day was so much fun driving down meeting new shops, Old shops and reviewing everyone -

Our goal is to review all business to find our who is providing SAFE ACCESS , good medicine and compassionate about our community. Our fist stop was Mega go on Glean oaks and Van nuys , cant wait to go back for a full tour. Next we visit Phc and did not like it at all. Very Rude and told us that if we were not going to Donate we needed to leave! Absolutely very disappointing because of the Receptionist guy at the window.

The famous joint was the place right in front of phc so we walked over there hoping to find a better place.
Both Strains Bob marley indica og & Girl Scout cookies hybrid were my top favorite here! Cant wait to go back.

On our mission to find compassion we met with La casa verde collective on Laurel Cyn and Van Nuys - Right next to Kentucky Fried Chicken

Next we went to The Giving tree and summer dabbed a nice concentrate that left her wanting to go back , first time patients Grab bags FTP Concentrates they open at 8am -1am . Their In house herb Rhino berry nice art Hookup patients 5gram special Happy hour 4-7.

Finally we stopped by Green cross and met with Henry a very nice owner- we picked up a very nice strong indica - cant wait to go back.

Cant wait to get a full tour of these place Smile
Delta 9, Green dragon, Flower shoppe, 6644

We met with many cute ladies who are very interested in being part of 420nurses as well as letting people know about the 420Fashion show Smile - Please stay tuned for more 420nurses coming near your area Wink
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