by on November 24, 2012
Its Bullshit how the marijuana people , patients or non should not go to jail for a cannabis.

Cheri Sicard legalization advocate and activist and work regularly with Americans for Safe Access, NORML and The Human Solution wrote on facebook,

" PLEASE HELP FREE Joe Grumbine! This INNOCENT man has been a victim of our INJUSTICE system! They took him into custody on BULLSHIT charges! They want to squash us but we must stand.up as everyone has been and keep up the fight! It doesnt ma
tter if you're out there having fundraisers, benefits for Joe or just talking and sparking conversation about this travesty because EVERYTHING helps. We mist KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING!

I'll for sure be talking about this on HIGH NOON today with jenn Jackson and Tammy kessner, I encourage anyone from the Human Solution to call in later in the show to speak about Joe or Aaron sandusky, or anyone else effected by this bullshit war on cannabis

Feel free to call in about Cashy Hyde and the in just law that killed him, senate bill 423......let's all speak about the truth,learn, and then go.out and educate "

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