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Glamour photography by 420Nurse ChaChaVaVoom

The models sexuality, and treats is My Main concern and focus of with Glamour photography. My personal choice is erotic Pictures because its a HOT LIVE moment you capture without the act simply the thought and that beauty captured in a split second is memorable and so rewarding Smile .

Art nude photography can close be be determine to become studies the human body, rather than the person/model Smile

- Sometimes I use extremes of light and shadow, oiled skin, and shadows falling across the body to show texture and structure of the body. Some - well most people cant decide what line is the measurement to the boundaries between erotic and artistic nude photography.

I Believe Sex is as Natural as Marijuana and everything the human body can do on its own Smile

- We create art and only we can be our own judge of ourselves and CHoose to Judge others or Not!!! Wink

Nude photography Glamour photography erotic photography artistic photography human body photography


Thank you for reading 420nurses ChaChaVaVoom Smile

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Im so open to Glamour photography<3
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OMG THIS^^^^^^ yes! Ive been trying to find women who will pose nude for me or even just topless. I think this style of photography is so beautiful, especially in black & white. Thanks for sharing this (:
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<p>I have such an awesome idea for a shoot like this!!</p>
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Wow, where can we find the rest of your photographs from this shoot? You look AMAZING!!!
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