by on April 15, 2012
What a beautiful day it was today , Very sunny here is the heart of Los Angeles California. Woke up with so much energy and with the love to live lIFE Smile -

I started my morning with a Nice Bowl of the Last of the Tangerine SAtiva I had picked up a few days ago from The Collective Group, Intant munchies i Packed another Bowl and continue on to my COffee and Penut Butter Jelly Sandwich .

After my morning shower i was ready for the day Smile - Jan was available to go for an afternoon street Run and shop for New Gear Smile for the 420Nurses Smile Xoxoxo

We hit up a couple of business starting from Sylmar down to Pacoima CAlifornia Smile including Glass shops and clinics Smile

Thank you To Skywalker Health Group - Amazing Meds Wink Cant wait for a re-visit Wink - I was able to taste many of the wonderful meds they carry along with their incredible HASH Smile.

Congratulations to SCC for a new 5 Star REVIEW Smile- will be posting this as soon as possible

Thank you for reading my Sunday Blog Smile
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Woot! So excited!!!
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