by on April 12, 2012
Ahhh the boys killed it at the show.. but they chose the wrong place to have the concert.. that and since it was an all age show they were so fucken strict.. it was super lame.. because i came well prepared with 3 blunts and 7 joints hahha.. but as soon as i took ONE PUFF from my blunt.. the security guard took a FULL BLUNT out of my hand and thew it on the ground and even stepped on it! Every time someone tried to light on up here comes the fucken bright lights. This faggot in front of me kept jumping right into my man and i.. after my man pushed him several times i pushed him so damn hard he turned around and was about to try and square up to my man.. but as soon as he turned around and saw how big my man is he definitely turned back around.. and stopped jumping hahahhaha. after the show came home and lit up 2 blunts and 6 joints (smoked one on the way home lol Wink)
that was my night Wink lol.

now i'm about to get ready for the day.. visit a couple co-ops then do more trimming!
having a blazin day everyone
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the showbox in sodo
yeah it was pretty lame.. i saw some really young kids out last night.. so annoying! like dont you kids have school or something?